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Stop Fracking the NT Petition

Fracking threatens our water, land and climate. Sign up today to help stop fracking in the NT!

To Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek, Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Catherine King.

The NT Government has failed us and given the greenlight to the fracking industry to push ahead towards production despite the extreme risks.

I’m calling on the Federal Government to use its powers to protect the Territory and rule out any public funding for fracking or associated infrastructure

Please take action to protect water, culture and climate and stop 6,000 frack wells being drilled across the Beetaloo.

5,000 Signatures

807 Signatures

Will you sign?


Groundwater at risk

Proposed fracking projects in the NT’s Beetaloo Basin threaten so many precious places – including the recharge area for Mataranka Hot Springs, the mighty Roper River, and Jurrkulu-Ijibarda (Lake Woods) and upstream areas. Read more.....


Climate threat

If the fracking industry proceeds to full production, experts predict that annual lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions will be as much as four times total Northern Territory annual emissions each year. Read more....

Exploratory fracking already doing harm

The fracking industry in the Northern Territory is still in the exploration stage but it is already causing harm.  If it is allowed to proceed to full production, it will involve thousands of wells, roads, pipelines and wastewater treatment, spreading out and industrialising these precious landscapes. Read more.....

Fracked gas destined for plastics and petrochemical hub proposed in Darwin

Almost $2 billion (and possibly up to $3.5 billion) of taxpayer funds has been allocated by the Federal Government to develop a gas processing, plastics and petrochemical manufacturing hub at Middle Arm in Darwin Harbour that would use fracked gas from the Territory. Read more.....